Dear friends and neighbors,

It has been my honor and privilege to serve as your State Representative. I am proud to have been part of the significant improvements made in Augusta during the last two years. These key changes are making our state government more efficient, less intrusive and more cooperative when Maine businesses want to expand.

We brought a new attitude and were determined that things would not keep going the same way. We stopped the budget gimmicks. We made it clear that Augusta works for the taxpayers – not the other way around. We focused on making tough choices to solve old problems now – instead of continuing the easy way, and letting them fester a bit long so another set of Legislators would have to fix things.

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work!

Maine has been facing tough economic challenges for decades – and unfortunately, many of the problems were self-inflicted. Our state government grew too large, assumed too much authority, discouraged business growth, spent too much and taxed too much.

In 2010, I was part of a refreshing new set of citizen legislators who were elected to change the way things work in Augusta.

Working Together in Augusta

It may surprise you, but most legislation is passed unanimously. It takes hard work to bring people together, which is why good legislators listen, study the issues, consider compromises, and then make informed decisions. Sometimes the decisions are hard, and some legislators leave the room on controversial votes—this is known as “taking a walk”. You can count on me to work hard and never walk away from tough votes. You will know where I stand… I have a 100% attendance and voting record.

Common Sense Solutions—yours and mine—are making a difference. Together, we are putting Maine on the path to Affordable Government.

Two years ago we inherited a $1.3 Billion shortfall. By carefully managing the budget, we saved you $400 million with Maine’s largest tax cut, saved you $74 million in reduced electric rates, increased school spending by $63 million, increased funding for roads and bridges by $104 million, paid about half—$248 million—of the long overdue bills to Maine hospitals… and Balanced the Budget!

Promises Made. Promises Kept.

Last year, I had a striking conversation with Senator Olympia Snowe. She expressed genuine pride in our accomplishments. The first thing she mentioned was the passage of Maine’s largest tax cut!

Senator Snowe enthusiastically listed Maine’s innovative new pension reform, welfare reform, regulatory reform, education reform, and health insurance reform. The State of Maine had accomplished more in six months than many states accomplish in years. Maine’s state motto, Dirigo, which means “I Lead,” is appropriate because Maine is truly leading the way again.

Maine is leading the way.

House District 128
District 128 Map